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"I never thought I'd actually say 'I want to learn how to do a pull up.'
Ever. Like, ever.
I made it to 34 without thinking that one time.  And four months into training with Hill, I was like 'hey, I think I might be able to do this.'  "

I can walk into a gym and hear Hill's voice in my head.

"I have attended 6 gyms in 3 states and did not learn half as much as I have learned from Hill within the last year of working with her. She knows her form, but most importantly she knows how to teach it.  She gets to know her clients so well and has such good intuition that she is able to read her clients and figure out what cues work best for them as individuals. YES! I can 100% walk into a gym and hear Hill's voice in my head and lift on my own.


People actually look at me and can tell I exercise for the first time in my life. I have never been or looked athletic. Hill has really taken me to a whole new level when it comes to mind body and spirit. The bottom line is Hill cares and gives a shit about all of her clients. She researches each client's individual needs and wants then applies them as needed."

Salt Lake City, UT


"Hill has been the best addition to my life! She gives me advice and a mindset to stay the course and prepare myself mentally for my workouts. The workouts she gives me are perfect for my pending knee replacement surgery and she helps me attack other problem areas. My daughter gave me an hour session with Hill as a Christmas gift and it was the best Christmas gift ever!! I live a thousand miles from Hill and through technology, she is able to help me in the next step of the "becoming me" phase of life!! I have lost some of the weight I wanted to for my pending surgery and will be able to get rid of a few more. At the same time, I am feeling more flexible, stronger and able bodied!!"

Sequim, WA

I feel more confident in life and work!

"When I came to Hill, I'd never really worked out before; I was that person who was terrible at sports, hated the mile run in school, and I've always been a little chubby, so being physical wasn't something I enjoyed. Sometimes it was a source of shame or embarrassment. I was excelling in all areas of my life, except for my health. It was the thing I just tucked to the side and promised I'd get to it later. I came to Hill because I realized that I'm in my thirties so I figured it was time to try something to avoid a health crisis later down the line, and I needed someone to help me navigate a gym, and that's mostly what I expected when we started working out. But I've gotten so much more than that.

After working with Hill, everyday tasks are easier.  I take the stairs instead of the elevator, I can carry far more groceries the quarter mile between my car and my flat, people have noticed me sitting up straighter at my desk and I have far fewer joint creaks in the morning!  I sleep better, and I'm smaller in inches. And I think those are some of the changes everyone hopes for and expects!

However, it was the changes I DIDN'T expect that have changed my life for the better in these big amazing ways-- that I'd feel more confident in life and work, that the kindness and patience I had to show my typically over-achieving self would spill over into how I treat the people I love and with whom I work, and that I'd feel more in touch with how I'm feeling, which puts me more in the moment and means I'm noticing things I never noticed before about myself and others.

And Hill has helped me challenge my own idea of beautiful.  For the first time in my thirties, I'm starting to figure out what *I* think is beautiful, not what other people think is beautiful. That's such a weird unexpected impact training and investing in myself has had on me."

-Meg W.
Salt Lake City, UT


"The great thing about Hill is that she is more than a personal trainer, she is a life coach. She pushes me to do better in all aspects of my life not just my in gym training. In return, I have gained so much self confidence and this has helped me reach some incredible goals inside and outside of the gym!"

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