Fish Oil: Friend or Foe?

Do the risks of consuming rancid fish oil outweigh the health benefits?

When delving into the subject of fish oil I discovered a rabbit hole as deep as the ocean.  At the very least, it is understood that in fish oil there are significant nutrients that our bodies need otherwise there wouldn’t be such a massive discussion on the subject.  People are clearly catching on to the value of this product for our health because fish oil supplement sales in the U.S. alone exceed one billion dollars annually.

The varieties of fish oils, the sourcing, the processing methods and the dosage are the main topics that bring cloudiness to the overall question: at the end of the day, do the benefits outweigh the harm?

To give you my basic conclusion first, if you aren’t going to get the highest quality fish oil possible and store it properly, then you’re better off not taking it.  This is not a case of “some is better than none.”  A low quality fish...

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