Why You Keep Making Excuses for Not Getting Healthy

(and why you still haven’t seen the weight loss results you want)

The excuses you’ve been making for not starting

The first and biggest hurdle towards your weight loss success is - you guessed it - your own self.  Deep down you know you aren’t your healthiest. You don’t feel great and you really do want to start eating better or exercising more.  I think we all instinctively know whether or not we are what’s considered “healthy.” Our inner critic wins out again and again when we imagine ourselves starting a healthy routine.  

What if I fail?

Starting down the road to weight loss is a vulnerable journey.  In this position, many of you may already be struggling with self-worth or body image, so naturally there would be doubt about failure.  Failure in this situation, however, only means that you will just be where you are currently, no worse off. Beginning an exercise routine or a mission to eat healthier will...

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12 Things You Can Track Besides Your Weight to Prove You’re Getting Healthier

(and one you shouldn’t bother with)

Let’s try to get away from this phrase “weight loss.”  Weight loss could mean you have lost body fat, yes, but it could also mean that you're retaining less water due to less physical or emotional stress.  Weight loss could mean that you don’t have much food in your stomach from yesterday or that you took a big dump this morning. Weight loss could mean that you have been on the Keto diet for 4 days and your kidneys are flushing water or it could mean that you’ve had a stomach flu for a week and are as weak as a kitten.

These are all reasons why we never want to rely on the scale alone to measure our success on getting healthier.  The scale is like that bully in elementary school. It taunts us and teases us, but the more we show an emotional response to those taunts, the more power it has.  Soon you will dread going near the scale. You will do everything in your power to avoid having an...

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