Can You Eat Healthy but still Gain Weight?

When I started my road to get healthy and lift weights many years ago, I was extremely dedicated to the Paleo Diet.  (Read my own weight loss transformation story here).  At the time, I worked at Starbucks and managed an entire year there without consuming any sugar. Surrounded constantly by froofy, sugary beverages, I was steadfast.  I would have a monthly emotional breakdown to my husband and ask him why I couldn’t lose weight faster.

It took me looking hard and honestly at my habits to admit that I was simply just eating too much to be aggressively losing body fat.  I felt better than I ever had, my energy was amazing and my training was stellar. Sure, my body composition was changing gradually and looking back, I am really amazed at how slowly but consistently that progress took place.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong, per say, and I contribute much of my strength gains during that period of time to not overly restricting calories. 


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