EMF Exposure: How Your WiFi Signal is Affecting Your Sleep, Fertility and Mental Clarity

As health-conscious people, we value our longevity and do our best to mitigate our exposure to toxic chemicals in our food, on our skin, in the air and in our soil.  But there is a growing public concern about an invisible culprit that could be affecting our well-being without our knowledge and without us being adequately warned: Electromagnetic Frequency.  While we can choose what food we eat, what cosmetics we use and where we live, in today’s ultra-connected digital world, it seems almost impossible to avoid living in the midst of the ever-present, low-level EMF.

In 1998, the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) came out with the safety guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields.  The function of this organization was to examine the hazards associated with low-level, non-ionizing radiation.

“These guidelines will be periodically revised and updated as advances are made in identifying the adverse health...

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