How Fast Can You Lose Weight Safely?


What is a calorie deficit?

If we are speaking strictly about calories (ignoring all of the other factors that affect weight loss) it takes a deficit of 3500 calories in order to lose one pound of fat.  What is a calorie deficit you ask? It’s when you take in fewer calories than is required for you to maintain your current body composition and energy function. 

Kind of like when you overdraft your bank account (yikes) and you enter the red zone - that energy needs to be made up from somewhere and so it taps into your stored body fat to create energy.  This is how fat loss works. If you are taking in less energy than you need to fuel your exercise and daily movement, then your body has this awe-some power to create that energy from those pesky love-handles you’re always complaining about. 

Actually, when you stop to consider it, your body is pretty damned amazing. 

Your minimum calorie requirement

Your body has a unique calorie...

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Can You Eat Healthy but still Gain Weight?

When I started my road to get healthy and lift weights many years ago, I was extremely dedicated to the Paleo Diet.  (Read my own weight loss transformation story here).  At the time, I worked at Starbucks and managed an entire year there without consuming any sugar. Surrounded constantly by froofy, sugary beverages, I was steadfast.  I would have a monthly emotional breakdown to my husband and ask him why I couldn’t lose weight faster.

It took me looking hard and honestly at my habits to admit that I was simply just eating too much to be aggressively losing body fat.  I felt better than I ever had, my energy was amazing and my training was stellar. Sure, my body composition was changing gradually and looking back, I am really amazed at how slowly but consistently that progress took place.  I wasn’t doing anything wrong, per say, and I contribute much of my strength gains during that period of time to not overly restricting calories. 


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12 Things You Can Track Besides Your Weight to Prove You’re Getting Healthier

(and one you shouldn’t bother with)

Let’s try to get away from this phrase “weight loss.”  Weight loss could mean you have lost body fat, yes, but it could also mean that you're retaining less water due to less physical or emotional stress.  Weight loss could mean that you don’t have much food in your stomach from yesterday or that you took a big dump this morning. Weight loss could mean that you have been on the Keto diet for 4 days and your kidneys are flushing water or it could mean that you’ve had a stomach flu for a week and are as weak as a kitten.

These are all reasons why we never want to rely on the scale alone to measure our success on getting healthier.  The scale is like that bully in elementary school. It taunts us and teases us, but the more we show an emotional response to those taunts, the more power it has.  Soon you will dread going near the scale. You will do everything in your power to avoid having an...

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