Become a Powerlifter - 12 Week Training Program

Cultivate the mindset of an athlete


Become a Powerlifter today! You don't have to do it alone.


High Quality Program

A strength training program that will make you a solid Powerlifter, but also give you a great base of muscle, mobility and athleticism.

You WILL get stronger

Even if you have experience training with a barbell, this program will build you a foundation from which to blast through plateaus.  If you are brand new, it will ease you into the process of getting strong.

Exclusive Coaching Content

You're not in this alone.  Coach Hill will guide you through the program and answer the mountain of questions you may have.  Get regular content drip-fed to you throughout the program.

"No longer will you wander aimlessly in your gym or injure yourself going for heavy squats. You are going to crush your Powerlifting goals and see some serious progress! "

Hill Goldstein
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Elite-Level Powerlifter

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