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Remote Coaching


per month

Customized Strength Training program delivered to you through online portal complete with video instruction

Weekly form feedback from Coach Hill

Regular Nutrition Strategy check-ins

Mobility, rehab and cardio recommendations for your off-days

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One-on-One Coaching


for a 1 hour session

Serving the Salt Lake Valley. 

Customized training based on your individual goals.

Maintaining one session per week also includes regular consultations on nutrition and healthy habit structuring.

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Become a Powerlifter


one time

Self-directed Powerlifting Program drip fed to you over 12 weeks

Exclusive coaching content on training and nutrition strategy

Access to massive exercise library

Elite-level coaching without paying the big bucks

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Guiding you on weight loss, strength training, and developing a healthy mindset

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"A coach is like a tour guide to a place you already know."

"I love how working out pushes us to be in the moment. When I'm doing hard stuff, I have to actually think about doing the hard stuff while I'm doing it. In that way, working out has been meditative and I enter the day with a more positive mind set. "

-Meg W.
6 months into training

Meet Your Coach

“My career as a strength and nutrition coach stems from a pursuit of my own optimal health and pain-free movement.  While living in the back woods of Northern Maine, I discovered how difficult it was to perform daily functions without a base of fitness and proper lifting mechanics.  Cutting and stacking eight cords of firewood for winter, I found myself with debilitating back soreness and went to bed exhausted each night from my lack of physical conditioning.  Ready to make a change, my husband and I taught ourselves Powerlifting with a set of dumbbells and from that point on lifting grew into a passionate endeavor.

Since entering the coaching field, I have focused mainly on helping individuals develop self-empowerment and mental strength through the process of gaining physical strength.  I love watching how people first approach a heavy barbell. Are they timid and nervous or are they fierce and aggressive? Over months of working with a person, this often changes and their approach of the barbell begins to mirror their approach to their own life.

As a strength coach, I place an emphasis on proper technique along with mobility to make sure you not only get strong, but also maintain good range of motion and flexibility.  My concern is helping you find longevity in your exercise so that you can continue being active well into the winter years of your life.


My approach to nutrition focuses on educating you about how to structure your meals to fuel you for an active lifestyle and to help you develop a lean and strong physique.  My highest nutrition philosophy influences include the latest research into the healing benefits of a Keto lifestyle along with the principles of the Weston A. Price foundation which promotes a diet devoid of any nutrient deficiencies.  I want to educate you on the how and why so that you can become the MASTER OF YOUR OWN BODY.

-Hill Goldstein, CSCS

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The Primal Pillars Philosophy

When we talk about “holistic” health practices, you can think “whole” - meaning that we take the whole picture of your habits into account when creating awareness of your health.  So, we don’t simply count macros or track calories and we don’t prescribe massive amounts of cardio for weight loss. What we do is take into account the following holistic indicators of your health:


  • Do you feel good and have energy and mental clarity day to day?
  • How well do you sleep?
  • Are you getting sunlight, fresh air and regular exercise?
  • Is your training in the gym going well?
  • Do you have chronic joint pain?
  • Is your digestion consistent?
  • Are you eating nutrient dense foods to fuel your active lifestyle?

One we have that big picture, we will make adjustments to your nutrition and daily habits to find you the right rhythm for your lifestyle.  We use methods like intermittent and prolonged fasting, Ketogenic nutrition and proper sleep hygiene to help you reach your goals.

This is not a process in which you follow a meal plan or a specific set of rules, but rather one in which you USE YOUR BRAIN to think critically about your habits, making adjustments as necessary.  After all, no one knows your body better than you.

Since there is so much conflicting information and bro-science out there, our job is to illuminate to you what a healthy existence could look like FOR YOU.  And guess what...that won’t look the same from person to person. Your path of discovery starts today. Your journey is your own and we are here to be the tour guide.

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Strengthening your body by moving heaving stuff around and teaching masterful technique to preserve your longevity.

Listening to your biofeedback as you pursue a nutrient-dense diet that supports your immunity, allows your active body to thrive and also brings you joy.

Improving awareness of the vital role your mind plays in cultivating your human potential.

Structuring your sleep schedule, eating window, sunlight exposure and other aspects of your daily routine in order to improve mood, energy and mental clarity.

Want tips on heavy lifting and great movement?

Check out our YouTube Channel for more on strength training fundamentals.


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